US Plane :S

23 02 2007

A rather unpleasant, ummm, “surprise” I found while cruising around “Al Hussein Parks” the other day waiting for Fayez to finish his Friday Prayer… to be honest! 3anjad et-thayaget… ino LEH!



Cause we are the champions

28 01 2007

I think Rami’s Post said it all… couldn’t have said it any better…



















LTR: Samir abu Ghosh; Samer Meqdad, Rami Arafat; and moi

"AR el ta3reef"

7 01 2007

Geeks & Sheeps

28 12 2006

Ad7a Mubarak- esense way 🙂

Experiment Three: The Stapler

27 12 2006

Experiment Three: The Stapler
Date: December 26, 2006
Place: esense/ Orange Area
Players: Rami (Staplee), Marwan (Stapler) and Moi (conspiring & filming)
Result: A bruised Rami, and a Happy Rawan
Side Effects: None so far



26 12 2006

Gloomy weather, promising dark clouds, hot air blowing from the AC above my head, comfy shoes, tons of work, Blues in my headset and a warm heart …

All I’m missing in this very moment is my blanket and YOU by my side…

Seasons Greetings

24 12 2006